Victorinox is so much more than just pocketknives!

I wonder how many actually knows that Victorinox is much more than just pocketknives?

Have you ever heard of the Swiss brand Victorinox, perhaps through your grandmother or grandfather?

If so, then there is a certain probability that it was related to the so-called ‘Swiss knife’, as they are world famous for making.

Swiss knives are pocket knives filled with many features such as knife, scissors, screwdriver, pliers, nail file etc.

The original color of a Swiss army knife is red with a white cross.

However, Victorinox does manufacture many other great quality products, than just the advanced pocketknives!

Let us take a closer look at what other products are available from legendary Victorinox

Victorinox Quality Cutlery

The Swiss company produces an excellent and elegant cutlery set made in a classic style with black grips.

The design is clean, simple, and the quality is in grade a.

You can see exactly such Victorinox cutlery in restaurants, where the cutlery have to appear elegant and functional.


Of course It should also be able to withstand frequent use, and therefore resistant to wear.

Cutlery sets from Victorinox comes in the​​ best quality steel possible, making the task to resist wear very easy!

Are you about to move out from your parents’ home or does your current cutlery just need a proper replacement?

Then a cutlery set from Victorinox is the obvious choice and a very good investment.

This investment covers a super quality cutlery from Switzerland in 24 parts.

Cutlery set includes knives, forks, spoons, teaspoons and unique exquisite quality!

Steak knives from Victorinox

It is possible to extend the above cutlery with super-sharp steak knives from Victorinox.


Steak knives are significantly sharper than normal blades and comes with a serrated cutting edge, making it an easy task to cut through steaks.

Kitchen knives from Victorinox

It is also possible to buy very good knives for different purposes in the kitchen.

Victorinox produces only quality knives in world class and they are sharp.


The blades are made of a unique blend of stainless and carbon steel, making them extremely sharp yet light in weight. In addition, a very special and unique technique is used in the manufacturing process of the blades. This ensures the blades retain their sharpness for a longer time compared to other knives on the market.

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The handle of a Victorinox knife is often made ​​of a material called Fibrox.

Fibrox is a synthetic material that is very easy to clean, which naturally leads to that the knife itself, is very hygienic to use.

A Fibrox handle has a slightly rough surface, ensuring that the knife does not slip in your hand, no matter how wet or greasy it is.

Many professional chefs around the world swear only to knives from Victorinox, precisely because of the exceptional quality and functionality these knives guarantees.

Potato peeler from Victorinox:

It can hardly come as a surprise at this stage, that Victorinox also produces potato peelers.

Victorinox Potato Peeler REX also called “Thin peeler” is simply nothing less than a brilliant product.


It is cheap in price and it provides unsurpassed functionality.

Peeling potatoes becomes similar to be part of an extremely pleasant adventure and the actual task itself, will be completed in no time, simply because this potato peeler is so well designed and super sharp.

Of course, the potato peeler comes in stainless steel.

It is also possible to purchase an alternative peeler from Victorinox – Victorinox Julienne Peeler

This one is superb in terms of chopping carrots. Your salads will look quite exotic.

With Victorinox, you are guaranteed that all your expectations will be met, when you choose to buy bread knives, steak knives, or cutlery set from Victorinox.

In other words, you get excellent knives and cutlery sets at an affordable price!