The Exceptional Zippo lighters & the Zippo Accessories

All over the entire world – Adults and children have heard about the legendary Zippo lighter.

The stories about the high class lighter are many because of more than 80 years continued production.

People simply just know how a Zippo lighter looks like and what it is capable of.

Zippo lighter

The biggest Lighter Legend in history

A Zippo lighter is legend– It is an American Icon, a legend in history.

Zippo has become a lifestyle – especially with the current outdoor product line that is available.
Throughout the Great Depression in America, George G. Blaisdell, established the Zippo Manufacturing Company and the Zippo lighter that later became the greatest lighter in history.

It is an increasingly fashionable object for many people all over the world. Collectors are treasuring these fantastic Zippo lighters.

The Zippo lighter invention

The original idea for this lighter originated from a more complicated and clumsy Australian lighter.

Blaisdell implemented the core concept from this very lighter – a ‘wind proof lighter’.
Be aware that, there is one major difference between the two of these lighters!

A Zippo lighter is easy to handle and maintain. On second thought, it surely is much more reliable and elegant.
A traditional Zippo lighter consists of 22 components and usually requires 108 different manufacturing processes!

The name itself ‘Zippo’ is actually a derivative of the word ‘zipper’.

Everyone knows a ‘Zipper’ from pants, jeans, skirts, leather coats as well as other clothing.

Actually, the Zippo lighter was invented simultaneously with the ‘Zipper’.
Mr. Blaisdell liked the sound of the word ‘zipper’, so he found a cool way to incorporate it into his product.

Zippo lighters are known for their robustness and treasured reliability.

Zippo lighters have always been distributed and sold with an unlimited lifetime warranty on all mechanical parts.

The discovery of a Zippo lighter inside of a fish

In the late 1950s, someone discovered a Zippo lighter that was inside of a fish.

Later when the Zippo lighter was cut out from the fish, it actually lit on the very first attempt. It could be a true story – we will never know.

One thing however is for sure – Do not attempt this at home. Still, it definitely reflects how effective these lighters really are.

Zippo lighters in World War II

When America entered World War II, Zippo supplied the military with lighters. They ceased production for consumer markets and dedicated all manufacturing to the U.S. military.
Undoubtedly, equipment i.e. Zippo lighters has to be tremendously reliable, if troops are depending on these lighters while they are in the thick of battle.
Now, most of the people who own a Zippo lighter are not going to find themselves in these kinds of horrible conditions, and thank God for that.
However knowing how reliable they really are is certainly a great bonus when purchasing one though.

The very first Zippo lighters were very basic in the style and design. The military initiative was the reason behind the production of the steel case Zippo lighter with the black crackle effect.
As time went by, various Zippo lighters began to feature various logos and designs.
In 1936, Kendall Oil Company placed an order for Zippo lighters with their business logo on them.

These Zippo lighters were the very first “promotional” Zippo lighters.

Today it is possible to place an order for Zippo lighters with custom business logos on.

A fantastic option, which surely has helped other business promote their own company during time.

There are thousands of different designs on the market today. Zippo manufactured its lighter no. 400 million in September 2003.

In the early 1950, Zippo designed the ‘Zippo Slim lighter’. These Zippo lighters targeted women by offering a smaller and thinner design.
From the 14-carat solid gold Zippo lighter, the Chrome Zippo lighter, to the more exotic or specially designed ones, there are numerous different Zippo lighters to choose from, making sure that it is possible to please everyone. Even the collectors are able to obtain ‘limited editions’ or ‘vintage’.

Zippo Maintenance

Although Zippo lighters are extremely reliable, some basic maintenance is necessary on every Zippo lighter.
It seems rather pointless to be the owner of a Zippo lighter, if you are not going to take care of it properly.
Zippo offers all the extra accessories you could possibly ever need in order to maintain your lighter.

You need to assure that there is the appropriate level of fluid, the right size of wick, and a flint to provide a spark.

These things are the basic maintenance steps that are required to perform for a Zippo lighter owner.

Zippo fluid, Zippo wicks, and Zippo flints are very inexpensive and easy to replace.

More information about the anatomy and maintenance of a Zippo lighter.

Zippo Accessories

There are additional accessories available for your Zippo lighter, for instance a Zippo lighter pouch to carry your lighter.
This also makes it finding your lighter a lot easier. No more digging through your pockets or shuffling through the contents of a purse, in a desperate attempt to find your lighter.
Zippo lighters really are, considered as very reliable – This is a fact and history surely supports this claim!

They are a great investment for anyone who uses a lighter frequently, and for people who only use one periodically.

Today it is even possible to purchase a Zippo lighter that runs on gas, yes that is correct a  Zippo gas lighter.

These are known as Zippo Blu lighers and Zippo Blu2 lighters – designed for all the cigar smokers with a remarkable hot flame.

We must of course not forget to mention the Zippo Mini MPL (Multi-Purpose Lighter) that also runs on gas.

Finally, there is the ‘Zippo OUL Lighter’ also known as the Zippo Outdoor Utility Lighter which is designed for general outdoor purposes.